Design, photography, film

Visual communication


Local / Global

I'm an experienced designer, working across all media;
print, physical and digital. Holistic approach to the design process.

I've worked with and learned from Richard Burdett, Amalgam, NBA Tectonics, Free Form Arts Trust, Sheppard Robson, Allabina Architecture and Engineering Consultants, Metropolitan Housing Partnership, Rossiter Design Studios, MCM Architecture, Darling Associates, NLP Planning and Zaha Hadid Architects.

On projects for clients including Transport for London, Spitalfields Development Group, London Borough of Hackney, Channel 4, Office of the Deputy Prime Minster, Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, ITV, UKTI, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Lothbury, Peabody Trust, CBRE, Fitch Ratings, Marks & Spencer, Double Negative Visual Effects.

Private clients include Shaw, Rose & Crown, Bar Music Hall, Packerpunch Media, Damian Weillers, DeSallesFlint, EMR, Stuckey & Co, Don't Panic/Heydon Prowse, The Infidel (Film).