Project: 399 Edgware

Year: 2006 - 2007

Client: Development Securities

Architect: Sheppard Robson

Description: This project was for a mixed use scheme in North West London. The development was proposed for an existing site which housed a community of South East and East Asian businesses.

Due to this context I designed a logotype and supporting materials which reference the name of the site in English numerals, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Hangul and Khmer.

The architectural form was based on creating a rhythm along the Edgware Road elevation that increased in height and mass in order to implement program requirements for the various types of housing, this was referenced by the formal design and use of colour detailing. These details taken directly from the design made an excellent graphic in which the form could be inferred and used within books and presentation materials to introduce the layout and components.

Logotype design.

Scheme book introduction with concept rhythm sketch by design director Dan Burr.

Edgware Road elevation facade graphic.

Low rise housing elevation graphic.

Scheme book cover.

Landscape architecture illustration.

Concept design for scheme signs and wayfinding placemarks. Intended for fabrication using corten and acrylic lightboxes using similar colour scheme to the facade design. The typographic concept is in-line with the logotype that was designed and intended to be translated into multi-lingual information to cater for English and Asian languages. (3D Render).