Project: Offset

Client: Personal Project

Year: 2012—2016

Description: Offset is a series of files and templates that aids rapid prototyping and design development. It is also a basic brand management system that helps to keep consistency in brand materials.

It has been created to help designers spend time designing and see changes quickly in the included templates. It is all based around the ‘sketchbook’ file which is a master file containing all of the styles, repeating information and elements that links to the included templates.

Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing Offset or require a tailored implementation of the system for your organisation.

Production toolkit for brand management and publication design.

Designed and built by Sam Sharpe


This project is a production toolkit that I have developed in order to help streamline the process on time sensitive projects. I have worked for many years within the architectural and built environment industry as a graphic designer helping to communicate architectural design at the majority of stages within the design process.

Especially at the outset of design-led projects where there is rapid iteration and cross referencing of research, formal, programmatic and analytical processes which inform the developing design proposal it is extremely important for graphic communication to evolve and effectively communicate the architectural design.

Through practical experience I developed Offset with this in mind. Whilst different in many respects there is a common proceedural approach in all forms of design. Architecture takes place temporally on almost geologic timescales compared to a discipline such as graphic design, yet, at conceptual stages of a project the process can be just as rapid whilst also dealing with far more complex components.

Offset aims to help deliver documentation, publications and visual communications rapidly within a framework that is focussed on end results and winning high profile projects.

It was initially implemented after working at MCM Architecture where, due to market situations post 2008 economic crash organisational needs required both an increase in responses to new project opportunities and a higher rate of return in winning new business.

It is available to purchase or a customised implementation can be provided which is integrated with your existing production systems and visual identity.