Project: Vauxhall Cross Interchange Pedestrian Tunnels Artwork

Client: Transport for London

Year: 2002—2005

Description: This is an older project which was a very good learning experience early in my career. I was responsible for artwork production design and rationalising complex artwork in order to save over £2m on the costs of silk screen printing the kiln fired vitreous enamel panels. This was achieved by use of a limited colour pallet using pre-mixed inks that the artwork fabricators had large stocks of for their work for Transport for London and the Paris Metro. The screens used for manufacturing were re-used where possible on both tunnels in order to gain further cost savings. The artwork was designed by Free Form Artists working with diverse groups of local people including schools and care homes for older residents. The artwork makes extensive use of local history since the 17th century including photography, etchings and cartographic imagery. The project was completed in 2005 after a two year production process.

Services: Vitreous Enamel Artwork Production Design

Project Credits:
With thanks to:
St. Peters Heritage Centre, Clyde Bondway Shelter, Lillian Bayliss School, Five Bridges School, South Island Community Centre, Durning Library
Artwork design: Free Form Arts Trust
Artistic direction: Alan Rossiter, Martin Goodrich
Lighting design: Andy Newman
Production design: Sam Sharpe
Supported by: Cross River Partnership, Lambeth Borough Council, Vauxhall Forum
Printing: Burnham Signs Ltd

Photographic Credits:
Sam Sharpe, Alex Sturrock

Photo: Alex Sturrock

Photo: Alex Sturrock

Tunnels ten years after completion, dusty but lasting

I prefer the red bikes